ANA to take part in the next Smart Open Lisboa – Mobility


ANA Aeroportos de Portugal is joining forces with SOL Mobility, an initiative by the Lisbon Municipal Council that promotes the creation and development of innovative solutions in the Mobility area for the city. Chloé Lapeyre, COO of ANA, said “It is a priority for us to assure comfort and efficiency in the mobility of passengers and the entire airport community. We believe that this programme will help us to improve the airport's mobility solutions and, at the same time, we will be contributing with solutions for the city. We welcome this project which, apart from the proposals that will be created, has the merit of fostering important cooperation between the main participants through a common goal.”

The Smart Open Lisboa (SOL) programme, organised by Lisbon Municipal Council (CML) and developed by Beta-i, is aimed at integrating innovative solutions into the city, contributing towards a smarter, more efficient Lisbon.
This year's SOL is devoted to Mobility and, in addition to ANA, its associated partners include Brisa, Carris, CP, Daimler, EMEL and Siemens, as well as organisations such as Axians, NOS, Sharing Cities, TOMI and Turismo de Portugal.

Miguel Gaspar, CML Councillor said, “In its mobility sector, Smart Open Lisboa responds to two of the major challenges in Lisbon. On the one hand, that of mobility, a characteristic of all big cities in the world, with issues that have a direct impact on the quality of people's lives, the efficiency of the logistics chain, equity and accessibility. Responding to the challenge of mobility means responding to one of the main challenges faced by humankind, decarbonisation. And it is through improving mobility conditions, launching new products and new processes, that we will be able to contribute towards a better environment worldwide, and cities must be in the frontline of this transformation”.

This programme aimed at Open Innovation is intended to bring institutional partners and large companies into contact with startups so that together they can respond to the challenges in different areas in relation to smart cities, in order to deal with the biggest mobility challenges.

The first SOL was held in 2015 and since then, it has been aimed at solving the problems of passengers and citizens in Lisbon to make their daily lives easier. SOL Mobility 2018 had 130 startup applications from 23 different countries.

Making Lisbon a city focused on entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity, investing in improving people's quality of life, is the driving force behind SOL Mobility, an encounter that brings all the partners involved together, creating synergies and solutions for the future.

SOL Mobility 2019 includes the following phases:

- Launch: 11 October 2019
- Applications Open: 28 October to 15 December 2019
- Online Pitch Day: 9 January 2020
- Bootcamp: 3 to 7 February 2020
- Experimentation: 8 February to 13 May 2020
- Demo Day: 14 May 2020